This Demand Loan is designed for providing loans to firms or companies seeking finances for the fluctuating seasonal/ short term requirement on the current assets of the business.

Major highlights:
Loan LimitThe minimum loan amount to be NPR 0.3 Million and maximum up to single obligor limit
Loan Tenure
The maximum tenure of the loan shall be one year. According to the needs of the borrower, the tenure can also be for a period of less than 1 year. 
Interest should be paid on monthly basis and the whole amount should be repaid once the requirement is over.

Before approval of working capital nature loans

  • The amount of stock and receivables should be taken as a basis for determining the loan limit
  • The loan amount should not exceed 70% of Net Working Capital (stocks+ receivable- creditors)
  • Trade Advances may be considered, if the advance is provided as per business practice for that type of business

For Term Loan Nature Loan, Loan Limit shall not exceed 80% of the total assets financed.

This loan may be granted to already established firm's/Partnership firms/company/institutions.
Basic Document

The applicant should provide at least the following documents before initiation of the credit proposal.

  • Completed application form of the bank.
  • Firm/Partnership/Company Registration paper.
  • PAN copy
  • Latest tax clearance receipt/ tax paid vouchers
  • Article of Associations/Memorandum of Associations (In the case of companies)
  • Board minutes regarding loan amount /Authorize signatory for operation of account
  • Details of the guarantors
  • Copy of citizenship of Proprietor/Partner/Shareholders and the guarantors
  • Last two years audited financials & Three Years projection
  • Title deed of the related parties.
  • Building construction permission from competent authority along with the drawing from engineer /architect and completion certificate in case of outright purchase of land and building
  • Payment receipt of latest land revenue
  • Four boundaries certificate of the proposed collateral security
  • Blueprint of land
  • Trace map of land
  • Details of stock and receivable for demand loan
  • Other related documents as necessary
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