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Share Loan

This Loan against Share (Margin Lending) is designed for financing against shares, bonds, mutual funds, etc. to individuals and institutions. The loans granted against the security of shares, bonds, mutual funds etc. shall be regulated under this product paper. The purpose of the loan is to finance individuals and institutions against security of shares, bonds, mutual funds, etc., of acceptable listed companies.

Major Highlights:

Loan Limit
  • Minimum amount of the loan shall be NPR 0.5 Million
  • Maximum loan limit shall be as per NRB Directives.
  • In case of personal share loan the Overdraft limit shall be maximum up to NPR 5 Million.
Loan Tenure
Maximum one-year subject to renewal after review.
Interest can be paid either on monthly or quarterly basis in case of working capital nature loans and in case of fixed term loans principal and interest can paid on EMI basis or lump sum.

Calculation of Drawing Power:

Promoter’s Shares:

50% of weighted average price of last 180 days of Ordinary Shares                          

Last traded closing price of promoter share                                                                     

Limit/Finance (50% of A or B whichever is low)   


Ordinary Shares:

Average of 180 days closing price of Ordinary share                                       

Last traded closing price of ordinary shares                                                      

Limit/Finance (65% of X or Y whichever is low)                                                


The above are the prerequisites; however, the NRB directives to this effect shall supersede the criteria of calculation of the value of shares and percentage of financing over the value determined thereon.

Should be a Nepali Citizen above 18 years or a firm/company incorporated in Nepal with concerned Government Authority. 
Basic Document

The applicant should provide at least the following documents before initiation of the credit proposal.

  • Completed know your customer (KYC) form.
  • Completed application form.
  • Passport size photograph of the borrower and guarantor.
  • Map of applicant’s and the guarantor’s residence.
  • Copy of citizenship/passport of the applicant and guarantor.
  • Proof of Income Source of the applicant.

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