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Garima Digi Batuwa

Garima Digi Batuwa is an innovative and versatile digital banking solution provided by Garima Bikas Bank Limited. Designed to offer seamless banking experiences, it empowers customers to manage their finances conveniently through multiple channels. Whether you prefer using your mobile device or a web browser, Garima Digi Batuwa ensures a unified experience, utilizing the same username and password for easy access. With Garima Digi Batuwa, you gain effortless control over a comprehensive range of banking activities, all at your fingertips. Experience the freedom of handling your finances with just a single click. Some of the popular services and features offered by Garima Digi Batuwa include:

  • Balance Inquiry: Stay up-to-date with your account balance anytime, anywhere, without the need to visit a physical branch.
  • Interbank Fund Transfer: Seamlessly transfer funds between your Garima Bikas Bank accounts or to other banks, eliminating the hassle of traditional methods.
  • Utility Payments: Make hassle-free payments for essential utilities such as electricity bills, water bills, traffic chits, internet bills, TV bills, and more, ensuring timely transactions with ease.
  • Mobile Top-Up: Recharge your mobile phone instantly, directly from the Garima Digi Batuwa platform, ensuring connectivity is never interrupted.
  • Airplane/Bus/Cable Car Ticketing: Book your travel tickets conveniently, whether it's for an airplane, bus, or cable car, all within the Garima Digi Batuwa application.

Garima Digi Batuwa revolutionizes the way you manage your finances, simplifying your banking needs while providing security and efficiency. Embrace the power of technology and enjoy a seamless banking experience with Garima Digi Batuwa. Sign up today and experience the future of digital banking. Moreover, Garima Digi Batuwa can be downloaded from Play Store (Android Phone) and App Store (IOS Phone) as well as can be logged in from web browser. This application supports both Web-based (online) and SMS based (offline). 

Additional Information:

Please click on the link below to login Garima Digital Batuwa in web version:

Transaction Limit:
Per TxnNPR 100,000.00
Daily TxnNPR  300,000.00
Monthly TxnNPR 30,00,000.00
For New Subscription from Abroad:

Customer staying in abroad and wants to use the  service of Garima Digi Batuwa (Mobile or Web version), they have to submit the signed application form ( along with passport copy shall be sent to bank's branches mail: or any of below mail,,

In addition, The customer has to register their valid mobile number of Nepal and email address at the time of account opening. However, the OTP can be received via the registered email address.

Transaction Limit for abroad residing:

Profile FeatureStatusLimit Per DayProfile FeaturesStatusLimit Per Day
WalletAllowed10,000.00Invoice HistoryAllowed
NPI TransferAllowed
10,000.00My AccountAllowed
Send MoneyAllowed
Interbank TransferAllowed
50,000.00Activity LogAllowed
Schedule PaymentAllowed
IPS TransferAllowed
50,000.00Balance InquiryAllowed
Mini StatementsAllowed
N/AFixed Deposit Allowed
N/ADigital ChequeAllowed
N/APaymentsNot Allowed
Account StatementAllowed
N/ASmart PaymentsNot Allowed
N/AScan to PayNot Allowed
Favorite AccountAllowed
N/AAlertEmail AlertN/A

Security Measures and Tips:

  • Do not give app access to unknown users.
  • Always download the application from secured sources like Play Store and App Store.
  • Downloading application from 3rd party or from unknown sources should be avoided
  • While accepting collection request care should be taken to ensure that correct recipient has been approved
  • Don’t forget to inform the bank about your new mobile number in case your mobile number is changed to ensure that you receive SMS notifications
  • Be cautious while accepting offers such as caller tunes or dialer tunes or open/download emails or attachments from known or unknown sources
  • Don’t store sensitive information such as Credit Card details, Mobile Banking password, user ID etc. on your phone /computer.
  • Change your Password and PIN regularly
  • Be cautious while using Bluetooth in public places as someone may access your confidential data/information
  • Don’t click on links embedded in emails/ social networking sites claiming to be from the bank.

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