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Garima Swornim Nikchhep Yojana

  • Interest Rate: Equivalent to yearly FD rate
  • Minimum Balance: 1000
  • Interest Payment: Quarterly

Garima Swornim Nikchhep Yojana is a special product created for customers who want to save their money and earn higher interest rates over a longer period of time.  With Garima Swornim Nikchhep Yojana, customers have the option to choose account tenures of 5 years and beyond, allowing them the flexibility to align their savings goals with their preferred timeline. The program accommodates account holders' convenience by granting them the freedom to deposit funds as per their financial capabilities. This feature ensures that customers can contribute to their savings at their own pace, enabling them to align their investment strategy with their personal circumstances.

However, it's important to note that Garima Swornim Nikchhep Yojana imposes restrictions on withdrawals until the account matures. This approach fosters disciplined saving habits and discourages premature withdrawals, reinforcing the long-term nature of the scheme. By adhering to this principle, account holders can maximize their savings potential and benefit from the attractive interest rates offered by the program.

  • Free Account Statement
  • Interest rate for this account always changes with change in interest of 1 year FD
  • Interest rate is high and equivalent to 1 year Fixed Deposit rate (as per the management's decision from time to time) compared to the other savings deposit due to its long term nature.
  • The initial deposit shall be NPR 1000.00 and withdrawal is not allowed till the maturity.
  • Garima Swornim Nikchhep Yojana pre-matured penalty rate is 30% flat based on accrued and posted interest amount.
  • Interest is accrued on daily basis and payment will be made in quarterly basis & capitalized to same account.
  • Debit Instrument are not issued.
  • In the event of the death of the account holder the account will be discontinued.
  • 80% loan is available against the deposit.

 For more information, you can contact us at our Call Center 01-5970179

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