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Foreign Remittance Saving Account

  • Interest Rate: As per published
  • Minimum Balance: 1,000
  • Interest Payment: Quarterly

Foreign Remittance Saving Account is designed for the convenience of both the remitters working abroad and the beneficiaries residing in the home country as this account can be opened by the family members of the remitters residing in Nepal or by the remitters working abroad. Remitter can deposit their earnings directly to the account through formal remit channel and also the beneficiary of the remitter can deposit the amount by submitting the genuine remittance slip. The bank will have to provide an additional 1% interest rate on saving and fixed deposit as per NRB ciruclar 02/78/79 (dated 2078/05/08).

However, in case of account opened via online or any other non-face to face medium; debit transactions will be restricted until the account holder verifies the account by his/her presence in the bank.

Eligibility/Target Group
  • Individual Above 18 years
  • Individual going abroad for foreign employment
  • Family member of an individual working abroad
  • Tax Rate  : Tax on interest shall be levied as per prevailing Income Tax Act
  • Free ABBS Facility-Can be revised by Management
  • Free Cheque Book
  • Free Account Statement
  • Access to C-ASBA facility
  • Access to SMS and Mobile banking & Internet Banking
  • Access to Connect IPS facility
  • Access to Debit card (for ATM, and POS transactions)

For more information, you can contact us at our Call Center 01-5970179

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